But how are you going to chat with real people online if they don't answer you? And I mean not one reply. I didn't know everything online was based on true looks. Are you looking for sex or a model who is fake? I mean if your just going to browse people's pictures and ignore their question than you must not be really intelligent. Anyone who looks at pictures more than interests are shallow and needs to improve their personality check. Do you really want someone like that in real life? I rather have someone who is intelligent and wants to have a good conversation. I don't want someone who thinks I just look good and than talk to me because of my good looks. I want someone who thinks I am interesting. Someone that likes me for both. But not based on judgement by looks all together. If it was based on what kind of person they see me as is better.

It sometimes feels like I am just a shadow that no one ever pays attention to. I feel like everything I try to do makes no purpose in life because nobody gives me a chance to prove myself I am the kind of fun person you can see yourself getting to know better. Everyone wants someone to talk to. But if you have to qualify for them to answer your question it's immature.
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what do you want to talk about? :-)