You Are Interesting

  I don't mind people beginning a conversation with a line, at a store. Waiting rooms are boring.   Definitely,  boring!  I'm ready to break the cycle , by talking. It's surprising what you learn and how quickly a person seems like an old friend..Too bad when it's time to say good-bye..That was fun!

wiseowl wiseowl
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Oh my sweet Lord YES. I go the other way when a stranger complains, in a too weird way. I do listen to my co- workers vent..we need the support. Stress in teaching, is high. I met a very old guy at the pool. He told me he was an FBI agent, in the 50's. We all had the best story telling session, ever. I like elderly people..they're always up for a chit chat.

Owlie...The interesting people are super to talk to...It's the complainer's, I chose to avoid!

Hey, yeah..That's how I met You.. I'm very happy about it too. Lilycue is a good friend to everyone. :>}