...I Feel Better...

...somehow i think its easier for me to chat with people that i have never met before.  i can start off without any judgement, anything bad.  that way i think it is easier for them to see me as i really am...

...i like to learn more things about them, i want to know everything there is to know, or as much as they will let me know. and if i make a new friend along the way, then that is even better...

mi25ke mi25ke
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10 Responses Sep 22, 2009

Everyone needs a little stranger love sometimes just for the commonality of dissarray. I know that I abuse the system into letting me effect others countries away so that everyone knows ONE DAY I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD-just remember I told you that. All I want is for people to remember I told them.<br />
Much love from this stranger for opening up to other strangers.

same with me u guys mah bf really dont care hes a navy seal he dont get judged 2 often ud know y if u saw him hes like 6 foot 9 and benches 415

ya it totally does...


ya, so if i get the love then i def. dont mind putting up with the goofiness (waddle waddle!)

Well mike looks like your stuck with to coo coo lil sisters now lol Now you get our goofiness! ;) haha and all our love! :)

hey stop talking about me lol im always up for another family!!!!!!!

lol Mel is my bestie!!! ;)(; love ya sister!!!!! Mike do you want ot be part of our big EP family?? lol

ya just one big family lol

lol i know what you mean! i love the fact that EP lets us do so. And its so much easier than walking p to a person and talking to them. And most of the time ppl find you on here. By a comment or a story the things you've been through. its so much easier to find ppl u get along with. lol