So i have noticed when i make onine accounts and men mostly who see my face ask if im a virgin then!!! ask can i give them a baby and im like why and all i keep hearing is "you would give me pretty babies" hahaha im flattered but not ready yet still in highschool
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Well, maybe it's like that old joke about how if you sit in a bar and keep asking women if they want to ****, you may get slapped 100 times, the 101st time you do it, it works. Obviously they do not want to know about you, or they would start with another question. They just wanna......

Hey add me to your circle. I love to role play and I live in Pennsylvania


Messed up! Yeah, I'd wait until you graduated, myself . . .😇

hell i don't want your baby when it is you i desire

so does that mean when your done you would be ready ?

i believe so yea

easier said than done

i know i have akways wanted my own babies but i wanna wait until im on my feet and provide for us both

Glad you're making sure you're ready first. Smart girl

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