The first step is talking to people on here. I had some good conversations. and then I had some quick ones until it stops. though I try to come up with another category but sometimes I feared that they get bored.

I don't really have a lot of common with people, which is why I either try to avoid a person talking to me or just can't think of anything.

I stay home Most of the time. even from a few friends I have.

I realize it's starting to become a problem.I just need practice to communicate one another so that I can come out of the closet.

my next step is using skype, may seems awfully strange but I do know that not everyone is about (flirting) or (I'll show mine if you show me yours) type or conversation.
So I tend to have some hope for meaningful people.

The third step after skype. go outside and meet people! that's just basically my goal

If anyone wanna skype? then go ahead and message me first because 1. my username is private on here so I will give you my username through PM! 2. Just to be in the safe side, I will have through experience so just in case

If don't have any experience, that I won't invite
ZardaF5 ZardaF5
26-30, M
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so you're afraid to go outside?

no. the fact is I'm afraid of talking to people in the real world

why zarda? i used to not be able to talk to People when i not around family members but that's was when i was very young.

it's hard to approach to them. I always have my ear phones on whenever I'm around them. I wish I was this awesome guy who like to people. have fun. laugh and care for them. but there's always this fear in me all the time.

i really didn't start talking to People until i went in the military, i was always the silent one, still is for the most part, but don't worry you will be alright keep practising, and before long you will be talking up a strom and socializing, you can do it.

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