My Cheerleader Outift Experience

I worked as a third shift custodian in a high school. there were two of us on the third shift. One evening, my co-worker was absent and this allowed me to explore the room where the cheerleader outfits were stored. I found them in a cabinet and proceeded to see if there was one that was my size. Not only did I find an entire ensemble in my size (skirt, blouse, sweater, knee socks), I also found the matching panties!

I removed my clothes and quickly and nervously put on the cheerleader outfit. I then proceeded to go the girls restroom that was on the floor and admired myself in the large restroom mirror.  I even did some of my work dressed as a cheerleader.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

I love those short skirts preferably with no panties.

Hi. Kathygirl. It is a good feeling is'nt it? I like to put on my sexy bra, then stockings, then the suspender belt. After doing this, i go to the bathroom and do my toiletries (shave, hair etc) I then put a skirt and blouse on . Last of all I put a pair of panties on to hide the male organ.