When I was in high school I loved to date cheerleaders. It was definitely the girls, but also the outfits that turned me on. They got to show off their bodies in front of every one, at a time when cheering skirts were much shorter than those usually worn to school by all the other girls. I'm a leg man, so I thought it was especially sexy, on pep-rally days, when the cheer leaders got to wear there sexy short skirts to class all day. All the cheerleaders I dated, considered it a privilege to have permission to wear their sexy outfits to class. They knew that their skirts were much shorter than the regular skirts worn by all the other girls.
The outfits were, of course status symbols, and this plus the skirts being shorter, made the girls love to wear them. After a game, I would take them out to a movie, or a favorite hang-out to get something to eat, or to a party at someone's house. Sometimes, my date, would wear her cheer leader outfit all evening long. Other guys would admire the outfit, and the pretty girl wearing it. The girls knew that.
Sometimes we would go parking, go in a car to a secluded place and make out. The girls were proud of their outfits and their bodies. They were used to showing off their bodies to hundreds of people, at a game, so it was also their pleasure to want to be touched, beginning with all parts of the legs which were exposed. Since their skirts were so much shorter, this allowed touching much higher on the leg.
So anyway it was a special thrill to date a cheerleader, since they were already used to having their bodies admired.
ArcticBear ArcticBear
66-70, M
Aug 17, 2014