So Cheesy

Last night, we dined with friends at home. The meal was simple, the wines were excellent and the cheeses were awesome.

Truffle cheese, mature cloth cheddar, King Island Seal Bay triple cream, Parmigiano-Reggiano and blue cheese with truffle honey.

Muscatel and Spanish quince paste on the side.


Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
1 Response Mar 15, 2012

I love Cheese and I love Wine. But what I love the most is buttery Cheese with Red Wine :D it is behind my understanding.<br />
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About Muscatel, have you tried "Muscatel from Setúbal" (from Portugal). It was considered the best Muscatel in the world. I love this Muscatel (there are many good Muscatel) but this one is really well balanced and it is sweet, but not to much. Try it and let me know ;)<br />
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