Yes.  I Tried to Become A...

Yes.  I tried to become a strict vegetarian and give up dairy and eggs, but I just couldn't bring myself to stop eating cheese.  Soy cheese is just not the same at all- I don't understand how anyone can eat that garbage.
Rice cheese wasn't too bad, but still not the same.
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2 Responses May 3, 2007

Vegetarians do eat dairy products. It's vegans that don't. I've tried soya cheese and it's ok and its better than tofu. I'm a vegetarian and I eat cheese.

hahahahahaha! hey, that's just like me. I was contemplating becoming a vegan, but the love of cheese just threw too big a spanner in the works (plus the fact they stick diary stuff in all the "vegetarian" food at the supermarket). I have found the best vegetarian cheese ever (as in non-animal rennet, but made of milk) but I doubt they export it to the US. And I would put it on absolutely everything except for the fact that I am trying to lose fat(weight) and would like to be able to make a meal that does not have cheese on it at some stage in my life. The sooner, the better!