Like Is An Understatement!

I LOVE cheese!

Mostly the harder British "counties" cheeses but also feta, mozzarella, manchego, edam, brie and loads more - mmmmmmmmm!  Not smelly blue mouldy cheese that tastes like feet though!

I like it on pizzas, in dishes, on crackers, with fruit or even just a lump on it's own!

A beautiful local cheese to me is called Tintern - soft cheese with chives and shallots, it is so lovely! Best cheese I ever had was from a farmer's market whilst I was in university. It was made with goat's milk and had sunblush tomatoes in it. I'm salivating just thinking about it!

I eat cheese every single day. Couldn't go without it. I had some cheddar and red leicester grated into scrambled egg today for lunch, it was delicious!


edit: how could I forget to mention my 3 favourite ways to eat it? 1. Cauliflower cheese. On my all time best food ever list. 2. Cheese on chips. Chips = fries, not potato chips, though im sure thats good too. Cheese on chips is the best thing ever after a night on the pop - who needs kebabs?! and 3. On loaded potato skins with bacon and sour cream and chive dip. I am so hungry right now.

liquoricelady liquoricelady
26-30, F
Aug 27, 2008