Muenster and Baked Brie

I love cheese as well as everyone else here.  My favorite to just snack on is muenster cheese.  Howver, my family makes a baked brie for the holidays which is absolutely terrific.  I love brie, but baked brie is fantstic.

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6 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I love jalapeno poppers too but haven't had them in a long time. I will have to get some sometime.

Hahahahaaaa, that is funny PTMAN. I like all kinds of cheese!

I love all kinds of cheese, except a cheesehead i'm a cowboy fan.

Yes, that is the danger of cheese, we cannot turn it down, but then our body makes us pay for our overindulgence!

It is the soft French cheese, not really stinky like Roquefort or others!

I love cheese too! I love anything with cheese!! I love cheddar and I like Muenster's creamy.<br />
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Is brie the stinky one?