i was laughing my *** off when i saw this groups name " i like cheese" lol, like to me is an understatment though, cause for me since im a vegetarian, cheese is like my main food, lol....i know thats not good but i love cheese so much, chedder cheese, mozarella cheese, yummy!!! lol i can put away or at least use to put away about 3 cheese blocks a day, thats how much i use to eat it, and the best part was that it would not mess my stomach up!!!! i loved it....i would eat it by itself or with pastachios, cheese it's, mashed potatos, etc. when i was in high school my friends would laugh at me because i would go home around lunch time, and sneek back in carrying a block of cheese as my lunch, they didnt eat as much cheese as i did until i told them to try it, ad they were instently turned on by it....we would all go to the market buy cheese drinks and whatever else, go to the park and eat cheese while we talked, spared, and just was awesome i trully miss that, but anways thats the past...but my love for cheese is still there, though i fight with the contridictory thought of wanting to become but for now me and cheese are so to as it is something i love to have metaphor but

haveneverlet haveneverlet
18-21, M
Apr 20, 2010