Escape From Reality

I need to mention I didn't select this experience: it selected me. It just popped into my profile... somehow I must have clicked on it by mistake or did something. I don't know.

Firstly: chick flicks. I have my days that I just want to watch girly movies. I will go and rent all the chick flicks I can get my hands on, preferably during the day when I'm alone so I can sit with a box of chocolates and cry my heart out. I prefer any chick flick where someone die in the end in order for me to really open the flood gates. Don't ask me names, I can't remember. Then there are my romantic days: then I watch all the romantic movies where I wish I had a man like that hero in that movie, in my life... Oh, the best part is when I think back of all my special lovers, especially one specific one, who were like that during the "in-love" phase... (PS: I DO NOT think about the fact they are not like that in real life, I do romantise them to the full extent of my imagination). I may and I can do that. I absolutely love that part.

The horror part: Quentin Tarrantino is very good with his movies - although I did not like Kill Bill that much. However I do like the Saw series. The reason for that is the psychological part in that - not so much the blood part. I get the part how things like that can really screw up a human's mind and how it can actually continue - that is why I can see Saw continue. The most ridiculous horror movie I've ever seen is Nightmare on Elm Street. I've laughed myself silly. Nothing realistic. I think I'm more into psychological thrillers than anything else. I enjoyed Gothica and anything else that can screw with your mind. That is more scarier than any bloodshed movie for me.

Well, that is my take on chick flicks and horror movies... :-)
Alera Alera
36-40, F
Jul 17, 2010