OMG Did I Just Admit That Lol

So we buy a cooked chicken and my daughter and I fight for the skin... oooouuuuhhh ggrrooosss!! LOL Oh even better... my abuela used to boil the chicken for soup or yellow rice & chicken... she'd peel off the boiled skin and leave it in the fridge, when we got home from school that was the snack!


Yep... admitted it... :P  and so begins many years of weird food cravings

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2 Responses Jul 28, 2007

I'll only eat it if it's crispy, i.e. grilled, fried or roast. Otherwise, bleargh. No. Flabby and greasy. Yeuk. You can have my share:)

LOL that is really grrroossss, especially for a vegetarian! :-) BTW: I could never understand my friend who does the same thing – the chicken-skin-snack thing. Well, I still kinda do not understand it but at least it is good to know she isn’t a weirdo ;-)