This Is A Chinese Cultural Treasure.

Languages are living, evolving mechanisms.It's natural for them to change as cultures develop and people's habits change.

my frind Kelly has led workshops on how to retain home languages over the last eight years. She says she has known some parents who feared that introducing a second language to their children would hurt the children's ability to speak fluent English. But now things are changing, Kelly says, adding parents have realized importance of children retaining their mother tongue.

Kelly stressed that the second language can bring huge economic benefits, since the more languages that workers can speak, the more opportunities they will find down the road.

Simplified characters have been a part of our life for too many years.Simplified characters are being used by more people in the world. Singapore and Malaysia both use them and more students of Chinese in the US and other places are picking them up. Simplified Chinese makes the language easier to learn and promotes Chinese culture in an effective way.

Fluency in Chinese may mean more opportunities in Canada as more parents, students and educators recognize China's emergence, and their interest in studying the Chinese language increased.

zhaonina zhaonina
18-21, F
Jan 2, 2013