I Like Chinese Mythology & Anything Asian-inspired

I'll collect anything of the sort. while I do not have a lot of things relating to the topic as of now, I do own two Chinese dragon rings, three taijitu necklaces, a Chinese chef bobble-head, and a tradational Chinese woman doll. I hope to collect more Asian related material in the near future. I am a very materialistic person.

As to why I like it I just find it highly intriguing. The stories that are told are just oh so engrossing that it makes you want to obtain as much knowledge on the subject as possible. Ask me a whole bunch of questions on the Asian dragon or yin-yang (tai chi symbol or taijitu). The Chinese dragon is a mythical creature that is a major and important part of China. It is believed that anyone harboring an emblem of this fine creature will have expanded life, good fortune, and well health. Anyone born in the year of the dragon is also believed to have these manifestations as well. The dragon is seen as the heroic guardian of the Emperor's Pearl in which it obtains it's abilities. He is highly ambitious and reluctant to give up. The Chinese dragon is also in charge of rivers, lakes, and rain. Dragon statues are on beaches to signify it's role in producing water. 

It is also believed that the emperor Huang Li immortalized himself into a dragon. Most dragons get to earth from a cloud in Heaven but some get their wings after having lived thousands of years. The Chinese proudly refer to themselves as Lung Tik Chuan Ren meaning "Descendents of the Dragon".

That is just a sample of what I have learned. Chinese mythology and culture is highly interesting. Do you agree?

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18-21, M
Jan 7, 2013