Delicious Delicious Delicious

I wish I could block this so the SGT can't see it because we just do not eat chips or drink soda often. BUT with that said I love the taste of greasy Lay's  potato chips, the crunchiness of Doritos, and the sparkle of a nice diet soda. MMMMM it has been ages since I have had them but I can still taste them on my tongue if I focus hard enough.
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Okay you can eat off my feet as long as it is not sexual or anything lol<br />
<br />
LMBO. I feel you snow.

JK. You azz.... At least let me lick your fingers. I know the SGT would if he ate them. <br />
<br />
Blais, i have had soda in the last five years but it has been only like once or twice. i had one recently... a Cherry Pepsi and it was sooooo delicious. They make my face break out though if I drink too many of them and I feel better when I don't.

Oh yeah.... These days it is usually veggie chips though and I crunch them on purpose because it aggravates someone until they want to go to bed. Hehe. I always get my way lol.

Yeah Baby! Ever munch & crunch so happily that you can't hear the TV? Crunch crunchy right!

LOL MMMM delicious Blasian.<br />
<br />
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Love, I don't think I will ever get over the cravings. It has been over 5 yrs since I had chips. I may have to have some.

lol , that is sooo funny. I have not had anything like that in 6 months. <br />
But, as you described it, I could almos feel and taste the cornes of a doritoe landing <br />
on my toungue. Made my mouth watert... :)

MMMM I love anything salty too. hehe.