I discovered that I am a painslut, and with it I love abuse, violence, rape scenes, and a strong man who can manhandle and molest me at will. I melt at a man's hands spanking, slapping, squeezing, pinching, even punching me. I love ******* a man who needs to control what feels good for him, even if it means being ****** raw and painfully, and being made to take objects and hold positions. I love it when he loses control and calls me nasty names and hits me hard -- and means it!

There is nothing like being choked into ******, or being forced to scream just because it makes him happy to do it. I'm a total slave to a man, and need to know that he's in control. I like them a bit sick and a bit twisted, and I need him to feed off my pain and anguish. I *** with pain and abuse, and I love the feeling of strangling and blacking out as I ****** and spasm around his ****.
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windsweptcowboy, potential for what, i wonder?

You seem to have potential.

whipithard, it's even nicer when it happens. :)

uneedapankin, of course i have. thus, i was classified as a "brat" in the bdsm world for a while. ;) i think i wrote about that elsewhere on EP.

2doerver, i find spanking and ******* have to be separate things, but "sex" involves more than just *******, eh? ;)

Very true!<br />
I also love to be degraded and spanked during sex.

natekate, there are plenty of painsluts ... they don't tend to be expressive publicly. you don't think they'd be overt, do you?

everyones' life, nateskate. we also have to learn to see past the obvious, and to accept what we have and what we do. of course, luck has something to do with it, but being able to recognize the right attributes makes for luck, too.

taibangle, i remember the first time i was in a piledriver position, feeling like i'd pass out. i told him i needed to stop and he grew so excited that he ****** me harder and i did pass out for a few seconds! i felt so virtuous and happy when i came to, hearing him gasping and convulsing as he emptied his balls into me.

jaymethenymph, coming back to having your holes used is amazing, isn't it? the other thing is that i don't do this with "normal" guys -- i don't want the guys who are doing it because they think i want it. i need the guys who need to do it to me ... and who know the difference between erotic pain-pleasure and accidents!

OMG I completely feel the same way. I have a story about getting choked into blacking out. It made me *** so hard. I like being ****** like I am nothing but a cute rag doll and three tight holes to collect his ***. I try hard to hold back with the choking and punching because I am afraid I will take it too far and not be able to come back, but it feels so good afterwards to lie where he finishes with me and sleep. I feel so cheap, but also so erotically charged and fulfilled. It is strange, but it is what I like

suthrnangel, i hope you find men (and women!) who need to get off on treating you like erotic trash ... isn't is the most wonderful feeling??

I feel the same way!! It is so amazing to give up all control & have someone do whatever they want to/with you. I am so glad I am not alone & that there are other people out there who like this kind of thing.

lookin2cumwithothers, is distance really a deterrent? lol

mustangguy, it's okay -- some don't even drink tea, out of a cup, either! ;)

Ohhh that we were closer, Id love to indulge in your delicious needs!!! If you've viewed my pixxx imagine that deep in your mouth while Im using that sweet ***** a good lashing!!! MMMM... the twisted fun we'd have!!!!

soma, what darker fantasies are you hanging onto in your soul?

An excellent question for us all to ponder

Wow. Would love to explore some of my darker fantasies with you. If you want....

jakeaplaya, you seem to understand! ;)