Treat Me Like A Lady No Way

Sure you can take me out an buy me dinner. Hell you can buy me nice things and make romantic gestures but when we are alone, when we are in bed you gotta **** me like the dirty little *** **** I is. You gotta call me filthy names, you have to pull my hair, bite me, spank me, cover me in ***** but never ever make sweet love to me
eroticafan eroticafan
18-21, F
15 Responses Sep 22, 2012

Very sexy! Love to abuse you!

Youza you go girl. I bet your a tiger with the boyz in bed. Screw me like a wild thing or don't come In the door . MarymArthAzeta

Omg are you my lost twin?

I would enjoy going out with you all dressed up pretty. But by the time we get in the car groping your **** and treating you like the cumdumpster you are. Add me as a friend *****.

We can go to dinner, but you'll be on your knees sucking my **** in the restaurant parking lot like the **** you are!

There's a time to be a gentleman and open the door........and then there's a time to be a Man, pin you down, rip your clothes off, and **** you like an animal!!!

Love it - that's the best type - all the niceties and such out the window once you hit the mattress - nothing is more sensuous then having sex with unleashed eroticism. love it - so glad to know there are more women out there there that like it this way!

Please add me, I love your approach to sex!

God , isn't that simply the most beautiful experience life has to offer? Animalistic, Passionate, hole stretching and using, Hair grabbing and ******* unabashed Phuck. so rewarding, the body is an amazing *** receptacle. BTW, the dinner never meets expectations, the sex always exceeds. MuwaaH

a perfect woman...cumsluts R ok with me....add me u little ****

Nice! ;)

wow...u like rough & Hard....dont u?

All my favourites, kudos eroticafan, I especially like the spanking bit

When and where?

You got it. I'll be a perfect gentleman until we get to bed. That's when I turn into a violent, abusive monster. I'll give it to you hard, rough, and nasty. I'll make you do disgusting things you can't even imagine. I won't just call you a sick, filthy, repulsive little *****, I'll make you believe that's exactly what you are by the time I'm done with you. So, would 7:00 next Friday work for you? :)