In Control

I love it when a man doesn’t have to say he is dominant but proves it. a man who takes control, takes what he wants and doesn’t accept no as an answer. I melt when a guy gets rough during sex. if i play like I want him to stop and try to push him off me he will hold my hands down at my sides or above my head and choke, bite, scratch or pull my hair to make a point that he is in control. He will do what he wants whether I like it or not and does not break eye contact until I understand and submit. Sometimes while with this type I will push him and intentionally make him force me into submission. He will bruise and mark me just to show that I have been claimed by him.
missyhicks missyhicks
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 30, 2013

Yes this can be the best - Crazyabby

Keeping you knocked up would prove a great reminder that you are "owned."