I Prefer It!

Oh God Yes! I love all the stuff involved in rough sex. It is such a turn on to be ****** and choked. The spanking, the hair pulling, and to be talked dirty too. All of it is such a thrill. I agree that most ppl just do not know what they are missing.  **** me hard and give me that beautiful pain to go with my pleasure. I will ****** so fast when it comes to rough sex... I love it!


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13 Responses Nov 11, 2008

You so rock..........

Hope you're getting plenty of what you crave. It can be oddly difficult to find.

I am jealous... hold him close. It is difficult to find a man that can do that, and trust me, you will regret it if you let him get away.

Allthetime, you are a woman after my own heart, granted I am more of a masochist then a just rough sex girl, but I like the way the conversation is going, and I too have your problem of wearing my men out :( What are us naughty girls supposed to do?

I love the way you think Hottie! I love to Spank my girlfriends and they love it to. I don't get too rough, I have to respect them too, but for the most part I love to watch their bare bottoms turn blazing red then **** all night!

Oh Cutie, You have been a naughty girl! I would summon you into the bedroom after we both have had our showers. I set on the bed and order you to turn around and bend over slightly at the waist, then you must raise youe blue silk robe in the back - exposing you plump, round thong clad bottom only inches from my face. i take your hand and pull you too me, and lay you over my lap- you cute butt high in the air. I slowly raise my hand and slap your right cheek, then left as I give you a slow stern methodic spanking - you raise your bottom now to meet each blow, I then lower your skimpy thong until it is streched tightly over the back of your thighs, I spread your cheeks and you gasp as I lightly touch you pink puckered butthole. I then stand you up and bend you over 3 plump pillows, your *** high in the air as I glimpse your wet ***** lips...I tak my paddle and administer 12 ster smacks as i watch your sweet Butt get redder abd hotter as you squeel and beg me to stop...Smack! (to be continued)

Love to hear your answer to my circle question. You have a personal invite. checkout ultimate surrender.com. Think you may enjoy?

Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

And you probably a handful. In fact, you would probably have to be "roped' just to get you in spanking position.

I'm pretty sure there are some discipline minded men in Oklahoma that know how to handle brats. I would think that would be second nature to a cowboy.

Well then, you are certainly deserving of the punishment, but I must warn you that though the spanking will start off slow, it will be hard. If I administer it is always hard. I have large hands and they will reign their powerful force all over your completely bare bum and upper thighs. <br />
<br />
The spanking will get quicker and if anything, harder. Your bottom will get redder and redder, with hot pain setting in. At some point you will be begging for relief from the searing hurt, but I will stop only when I feel you have learned your lesson.

Generally speaking, spanking is a form of discipline. Have you been naughty? If so, you deserve the spanking and rough treatment.....

Maybe you could teach me about a few things! I am a great student..