"You Are Like No One I Have Ever Met"

"How so?" I ask

"Many women say they like to be choked, many women say they like to be hurt, but you actually take pleasure in me doing these things to you. I could do anything and you would probably let me." 

He was right. In the bedroom I am a masochist. I love the intensity, the trust, the adoration... I love a man to play God... give and take my breath as he sees fit... feel his masculine hands around my delicate neck. I love living in the panic and raw emotions of the human condition... more so, I love not having to think, having my reactions based in intinct rather then logic.

Udneverguess Udneverguess
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5 Responses Sep 13, 2009

Brilliant writing. Perfect desc<x>ription.

WOW Very Nice :)

Thank you all... I state it so eliquently due to knowing exactly what I want and why I want it.

you state the desire/need/point perfectly!

Wow! You have managed to perfectly capture my feelings about rough sex. "I love not having to think, having my reactions based on instinct rather then logic." That's fantastic!