Exciting Sexing

  I love it when hand(s) are around my throat as my ***** is being eaten or thrust into. It feels good to to be spanked really firmly when i am out of "line" or being ******. And when someone knows just how to pull my hair it sends a small surge through my body that makes me wanna give the most passionate of kisses. Okay, i like to play a little rough but only to the point that it has the potential of making me a little bit wetter or wanting to ***** naked and offer myself for service.  If you have yet to open up and try choke me, spank me, pull my hair sex i will just say that you don't know what you're missing. And don't knock it until you try it, i'm sure your 1st time will definately not be your last.

SFC = safe, fun and consentual 

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7 Responses Nov 6, 2007

My girlfriend was just waking up and i started to rub her ***** through her pyjama bottoms. She had no panties on and she had taken her top off during the night because it was so hot.<br />
She moaned a little and i flipped her over onto her belly and pulled down her bottoms.<br />
"what you doing" she murmured.<br />
"I'm hungry and i want to eat *****" I replied<br />
She parted her legs slightly and i pushed my face into her backside and tongued her *******. She pushed back at my so i pointed my tongeu and pushed it just a little way into her ***.<br />
She lifted her hips off the bed slightly to give me better access to her *****. I flattened my tongue and pressed it up against her wetness. She let out a little cry of pleasure.<br />
She is only 5'3" tall and wighs just 99ibs so she is easy to handle in bed. I lifted her hips up and pushed her knees forward to give me total access to her. My moth was watering and i used the saliva to drip down onto her pretty starfish of an ***. She squirmed as if she sensed what was coming. My **** was very hard now and i rubbed the hgead over her ***** and her wet ***. I feigned entry to her ***** and then, without any warning i lifted my **** head and plunged hard inside her tiny brown bud.<br />
She screamed; "What the **** are you doing you bastard?"<br />
I held her firmly around the waist with one hand and grabbed a handful of her long black hair, pushing down on her back with my elbow. Her head came up and back, and she struggled as i pushed my **** hard against her *** until my balls hit her soaking *****. I twisted the handful of hair and i could hear her wince, as i the pressure on her head and inside her *** reached the edge of painful pleasure.<br />
I pumped her *** several times and she cried out and fought against me. With my **** buried deep i released my grip on her waist, and slapped her *** cheeks hard with my palm.<br />
She wriggled again.<br />
I pulled out and flipped her onto her back. I brought my knees up either side of her head and pinned her down by the arms. She was one angry lady by this time. I held her as still as i i could as she bucked from the waist down, then i slapped her hard across the face.<br />
She stopped dead and looked at me through startled, eyes and with her teeth clenched she made one mor futile attempt to buck me off her.<br />
With my knees holding her arms down, i put both hands around her slender neck and closed my fingers behind her head and squeezed.<br />
She looked up tears in her eyes, but this time the look was different. Not fear or pain, but lust and excitement. I held her tight in my hands for about 30 seconds, then i got up and knelt beside her keeping my left hand pressed against her throat. I used my right knee to open her legs and proceeded to spank her soaking *****. she moaned and whimpered at me as her feelings began to take over from her normal sense of self preservation.<br />
She was on the verge of enjoying herself when i raised my right hand high and brought it down on hard on her swollen puffy **** lips. I grabbed a handful of her dripping ****, as if squeezing the moisture out of it.<br />
She was unsure of her self and what she was feeling, a looked of puzzlement spread across her, her face, wet with tears, but eyes sparkling with lust.<br />
I turned her again and started to spank her arse. As my hand landed on her lovely sexy *** i would follow each slap with a caress, and maybe a finger into her *** or *****, or both ..............<br />
<br />
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i'll keep you in line when you misbehave and i'll ###you so hard

My first experience with choking came only a week ago and i must say i found it to be strangely erotic.I hooked up with this hot little vixen and we had sex several times over the first few days,the next time we went out she told me she had something to tell me that might seem a little strange so she fills me in on the whole choking,spanking and hair pulling thing and to her surprise i was good with it and more than willing to give it a go right then and there..........I AM HOOKED!!!i love the feeling of domination it gives me and how powerful she gets off,it will be a mainstay in our sexlife from now on............AWESOME!!!!

I do enjoy doing the choking while I am ******* and choking. The best position is doggie style, my hard fat **** buried deep and my hands wrapped in her hair and her collar.....Master Edward

With just the right amount of pressure around my neck as i'm being spanked or ****** and i'll *** multiple times.

Yay! Except I'll substitute any little smack or slap in any random place for the choking, which kind of creeps me out :) A little, sharp sting heightens all other tactile sensations. SFC!

i know exactly how you feel, i love it when someone does that to me. I'm normally quite dominant in bed but sometimes i just love to give myself over to someone else like that