Love To Choke My Classmate

I am a college student studying final year . I have neck fetish from my young age . At the beginning of my college i saw one class mate . Her name is subashini she has a friend her name is narthini . Both were skinny but suba is tall. Initially i not took much care of narthi . As shuba has a slender long neck then narthi . I love seeing shuba neck . her addam's apple also slightly visible . I long to touch it . I see her throat when she gulp water. Her addam apple move up and down . there are two moles at the right side of her neck which gave me the sensation to see her neck always . This went for two years . I thought of chocking her and ***********. Then came narthi at the final year to my sense . she is skinny,dusky and slender neck. She has a mole at the right side bottom of her neck .it is small but it bought my full attention towards her neck. Initially i thought that i love her then i realized that it is all the fetish thing. I asked her to be friend with me but she hesitated as she does not have any boy friends . I love her neck very much . I love to chock it harder till her tongue pop out . I have a feeling to tell the fetish thing to her . u people give me some suggestion what to do.Is it right if i chock her ?
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1 Response May 4, 2012

I think you should develop her trust on you first by starting to be her good friend (sincerely). And when you are close to her enough that she allows you to grab her shoulder or hug her, you can start teasing her neck. I have a choke fetish too and I know it's very scary for women who don't have it but I believe they can learn (from you) to love it.

thanks for ur advice . i hope it will help me a lot