Christian Rock and Roll

Chrsitian Rock and Roll has been in my life since about 1985 when Petra was first introduced to me.  Now, 2007, I am more of a Christian Rock fan than ever.  Petra has now retired, Whiteheart is retired but yet their music lives on from varous radio staions and internet radio stations.

Petra and Whiteheart literally saved my life by the grace of God through the lyrics of their songs which were all scripture based.  When I was ready to give up, their songs lifted me up.

Heed the saying:  Jesus is the Rock, and I'm on His Roll!  God Rocks!

Sheri1969 Sheri1969
36-40, F
1 Response May 17, 2007

I love whiteheart. My favorite song is "The flame passes on" and petra too. petra retired after 33 years which is a good number. jesus was 33 when he died and Rose again ( thank GOD)!