Baptist Church

My husband was raised in a Baptist household. His father is the pastor at our local church back home in New York (we're living in Mississippi at the moment). He also plays guitar and leads the "Worship Team" in singing songs during service.

I've fallen away from religion a while ago (I was raised as a Catholic), but listening to the music at the church service always gets me. At a Catholic church, the atmosphere is definitely much more formal and solemn, but at this Baptist church, I feel like the music sort of allows us to "let go" a little. Sometimes I even get a little choked up. The music is just so refreshing and inspiring. I've started listening to it on my own time.

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We are all God's children, and sometimes songs that reminds us of that is really moving.

I've always wanted to be a worship leader, a christian musician, I love the newsboys and Ginny Owens Fifth Avenue North and I've always wanted to write my own Christian music and see it on the overhead in the church! I used to love rocking out at Kareoke but just always felt like I didn't agree with most of the songs that I was singing there, and actually got the DJ to find some Christian music like from Plum and Lights to sing there, but even that music is a bit worldly and that's when I knew it was time to just sing pure christian music, something that I can believe in to sing with passion, and yes it must sound good too, that's why I want to be a christian musician lol! I want it to help those who are in the dark to find their way to the light, I want it to speak of God's truths and to rock out! Wouldn't it be cool if there was Amazing Grace Techno style or Electronica or Alternative. Yup!