Full Figured Women

Looking back on my current and pass partners I never dawned on me till I visited this group that I favor full figured women. Over the years since my wife passed away ( who, by the way was plump) I have dated a hand full of different women. All but one were full figured. The one that was smaller in size had a striking resembulance to a former family friend. And I think that is why I was attracted to her at the time. Kind of a comfortable connect based on looks. That connection turned out to be the shortest of all the women that I dated during this time period of my life.
I will not go into any sexual comments about any of them so if that is what you are looking for then I will save you the time by telling you now.
Each relationship did end up in a sexual relationship. And on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say the average was a 7. I find that I tend to compare each one sexually with my wife. For the better or for the worst. On the same sliding scale I would rate my wife as a 10. Bless her soul.
Personally I have found a full figured woman to be more comfortable with themselves over time. Vs. right off of the get go.
And mostly it is because of the so called body image. Which I do not agree with. I do not care for a person who is so thin that they look sick. I do like a person who is comfortable with their body, Who dresses neatly and is clean.
Maybe it is just the area that I live in but too many people will wear dirty clothes, Sloppy tee shirts or sweat shirts and be dirty and think nothing of it.
That is why I added "clean" in my last comment. I use to work with a old timer who's favorite saying was........
"Big girls were made for comfort and skinny ones for speed". True or not I will go with a full figured female everytime
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Sep 30, 2011