Black and Mild

Black and Mild cigars are filled with a pipe tobacco that smells so wonderful. It reminds me of a guy I used to date a while ago.  Sometimes I will light up one outside on my deck and just let it burn so I can smell the scent.  I relive some of the memories I have of him. 

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In my experience, those don't taste anywhere near as good as they smell! So keep on enjoying the second hand smoke! :)

And I thought my wife was crazy... sometimes she puts on an old shirt of mine and falls asleep on the couch, I find her every now and then curled up like a kitten on the couch asleep... She says it's because of the Black &Mild Cigar smell on them that reminds her of me... I thought if she would ***** down to nothing and put on my shirt just to SMELL me she must be crazy... I guess all you chicks are crazy...

Yep we are.

I don't inhale.

Nice story, I remember being young and my dad letting me taste the outside of a cigar, it was midly fruity tasting. The smell of cigarettes always makes me feel comforted as well.

I love the way they smell but I am sure they are killing my lungs.

Isnt so funny how stimulations to our senses can unlock and send us into a flash back in time. <br />
I used to smoke these black and milds and they do smell enticing.

yeah, speaking about Havanas, the Coronas are good... and also Romeo & Juliet... Have you tried Brazilian cigars? Yummy! And so are also the Sumatran cigars

Ah did not have... Sexual relations with that woman. *grin*

You sure you want that cigar between my lips? lol