From Childhood Til Now

i heard a lot of classical music growing up in my mother's house.  i think we always had a piano in the house.  she played different kinds of music but would warm up with bach.  i always loved hearing her play.  still love to hear a good pianist (or piano player depending on your perspective).  a good deal of my childhood involved classical music.  there were all sorts of music but a lot of classical and folk came from mom.  i have a distinct memory of my sister and i playing to tchaikovsky.   my mom had a set of his works on vinyl.  we would prepare for battle upon our ship aka the couch and repeatedly get blasted away and save each other from getting blasted.  'hang on, i'll save you!  they can't shoot my sister!  watch out for the sharks!'  yeah, good times.  ye ole couch was a fine vessel yes indeed.  and the vinyl set is now part of my collection. yea!

we heard classical music via mom's piano, records, and mom blasting the car radio.  so i guess its just something i grew up hearing.  besides how could anyone not like at least mozart?  the most perfect sound in the world.  well, one of the most perfect sounds.  no, maybe THE most perfect.  whatever.  i still like classical music.  it can feel like a warm blanket for my soul or achey weary mind.  or it can send me into a state of glee.  and at this very moment i am warming up to some rossini. 

it also doesn't hurt that a lot of the old school cartoons used classical music.  was it merrie melodies or looney toons?  doesn't matter.  wascally wabbit!

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1/...Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring<br />
2/,Brandenburg Concerto No3 In G major<br />
3/.Air on a G string From Suite No3 in D Major<br />
<br />
<br />
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