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Yes I Do Rather Like Clocks.

I'm not sure why, but I do. I prefer the ones you have to wind up, the older the better. But I only have one old pocket watch, my mother bought a car for about $200 and the trunk had lost it's key, when her and her boyfriend eventually opened it they found this silver pocket watch inside, they were going to give it to me but one of the hands was broken, so they took it to get repaired before they did, when they finally got it fixed the boyfriend ended up losing it in the snow up on this long path that lead to the cabin they were staying in on the mountain nearby, it wasn't until the snow had all thawed the next year did the new people renting the cabin found it, found it and overwound it and popped the coil inside. But it was then given back to me and one of these days I'm going to get someone to fix it, for now I have it pinned up on the wall next to this really long funny looking wind up oval alarm clock, I don't have a clue where that one came from, had it for such a very long time I can only guess that it was a grandparent's or great aunt's.
I have a lot of odd little clocks, though I almost never wear a watch or know what time it is.
CheesySnacks CheesySnacks 31-35 Aug 6, 2011

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