Animal Man

I loved this comic series and it was at its very best in the early days, when it was written by Grant Morrison.

What you've got here is Buddy Baker.  A regular guy - he has a wife, a teenage son and a young daughter.  And he just happens to have superpowers.  He has the ability to temporarily borrow powers from nearby animals - so if he's near a bird, he'll be able to fly.  A pretty cool ability.

He's not the most traditional of superheroes.  In this story, he goes up against the Bwana Beast and, in a departure from tradition, rather than immediately challenge him to a fight, Buddy tries to talk to him instead.  In the '80s, diplomacy was seldom high in the average superhero's list of priorities and it fails dismally here.

Back home, his wife and daughter - Ellen and Maxine - are having troubles of their own.  This is a story that will tear your heart wide open, as their traumatic experiences carry an even greater emotional impact than Buddy's.  And his experiences are potent enough to result in ideological changes.  It's possible to read this as a stand-alone story, but the new philosophical perspective that Bwana Beast provides Buddy with here shaped the course of the comic for the rest of Grant Morrison's run. 

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I really liked reading this G-guy.....It's so cool to read posts like this, little glimpses into who you are....Very cool. I never got into mighta been a "girl thing" tho.... My bro always liked Batman... I just never liked guys wearing tights in primary colors or even black rubber looking suits...and capes....don't even get me going about who gets to wear capes....I only like the older style vampires in their black satin or velvet capes..... I forget the actors name who played Dracula but he was totally HOT and I remember thinking after I saw the movie that if a guy like him showed up I'd be willing to share a pint or two of my blood with him!! I've always been a real sucker for guys who bite anyway!! :D

Well, I like to bite. It's one of my things. I often leave bruises, in fact. I just can't help it. Thankfully, my girlfriends tend to like that sort of thing. If you're thinking of the Hammer films, then the vampire you like I'd probably Christopher Lee. Those are definitely classics.

Oh... and Buddy never wore a cape. In fact, he was pretty innovative. He was the first hero to add a jacket to the traditional costume. He said it was more practical that way. He definitely tended to subvert the popular superhero cliches of the time.

It's official now...I deem you to be one AWESOME catch for some lucky person!! You're totally creative and a great conversationalist about what you love. You gotgorgeous hands, nice butt, adorable smile and NOWWWW you let us all know you BITE!! That rocks!! A well timed the right spot...can take a great time straight to DEVINE!!

I'm also glad to hear that at least one of the super hero guys got their fashion sense going and ditched the cape!!! I like him better already!! I have to go Google Christopher Lee and see if he is the one... I remember one I liked had a name like Frank Lemangello.....I probably killed the spelling on that name but I can kill the spelling on just about any word..... :O

Frank Langella. Yes. That's the 1978 version of Dracula. He played Dracula in the first vampire film my parents ever let me watch. And I've got to admit - that is definitely a classic. Very stylish. Not a Hammer film, but truly a great one. It's not perfect - it cuts off about halfway through the story, rather than taking it all the way back to Transylvania. And that's not all that's missing. Despite those omissions, though, it's a lot more faithful to the source material than most other versions. know soooo much about this stuff....Cute and smart!! Another rockin combo!! :D

Yeah, but I know next to nothing about cold fusion... there are still people out there who would consider me to be a bit of a moron.

I'll totally take a seat beside you on the "moron bench" when it comes to cold fusion too!! I'll bring chocolate and something to drink and we can have a picnic!! :D

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