Everything You Do, Or You Say, Is Poetry.

Poem for Nicky Marotta

“Tiny fossil bones
Translucent skin
Million year old eyes
Dinosaur, you don’t belong here
They’ll kill you for your tiny tusks
But your ribs are my ladder, Nicky
I’m so amazed, I’m so amazed.”

"I am not kidnapped, I am me napped, I am soul napped,
I am Nicky napped, I am happy napped.
Doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs,
we are looking after ourselves and having our own Renaissance.
We don't need anti-depressants, we need your understanding."

-Pamela Pearl

                               Times Square 1980

"You have something very special inside you, young lady.
The seed that contains your unique self.
Maybe you’re all alone, that’s a pretty scary place to be.
I know about it. You may have to jump off into the darkness.
How desperate they feel, those moments before you jump.
But sometimes you just got to do it.
You gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you gotta jump."

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Jan 24, 2013