I Pwn At Computer Games :p

I was just bored so i thought id share this experience.  I started playing computer games since i was 10 and i got the inspiration from watching the purepwnage episodes and stuff.  Ive played liek age of empires age of mythology and stuff.  I also played wow 4 some time but it got boring cuz i could never do anything but farm for money and play in the pvp runnin the flag back and forth for Warsong Gulch.  now i just play like fps games (halo 2 multi 4 PC and FEAR along w/ some halo for fun) and age of myth once and a while.  yea, thats basically it.  My mom hates it but i guess she got used to it b/c now i dont play as much as i used to and i do other stuff so shes cool with it, she even played once and owned me at age of mythology it was funny, her entire empire was like farms and she had like 300000 food, she took a screenshot of it 2.
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lol yea that's usually how i look when I play dragon age now ...but I think I was ridiculously tired when I wrote this story...it doesn't sound anything like me :P

sims 3 isn't mindless!!! :D *addicted to sims 3, dreamy eyes when thinking about sims 3* :D:D:D

Ja...she wanted to teach me that games were mindless and anyone could do them :) but now not anyone can make music ;) So I've got her stumped there hehe. Sie kann jetzt nichts sagen :)

rofl, I almost couldn't read what you said :P <br />
your mom owned you? :D:D mwahaha

Heh, takes a long time to fully understand Age of Mythologies economy and tactical advantages, but one day, I'll teach you :)

LOL!! :D you gotta tell me how to do multipla<x>yer in greater detail, I must accomplish the lifelong goal that is to "pwn" thee in Age of Mythology.