The Super Powerful/rich

Several years ago, I read a few conspiracy theory books (don't remember the titles or authors) and have not been able to swallow the conventional line about international and national political activities since. Those books made the hidden factors in world activities glaringly obvious and quite disturbing in their scope to both use and fool the general population as has been going on for 1000s of years! Now, when others get all worked up over politics, candidates, representatives, visible figures and personalities, I just laugh at it all since I believe (I have no direct way to know) there is a lot going on behind the scenes that few if any of us in the streets will ever be allowed to know, let alone do anything about. I stopped studying "conspiracy" stuff because I am just too small to do anything other than worry and resent the apparent fact that a few Super Powerful/Rich individuals run and have been running this planet for many centuries as an unbroken succession of secret manipulators and controllers. When the writers of conspiracy books spell out the exact history of these few Mega Powerful families and individuals (Rothschilds, Rockefellers), It becomes painfully and frighteningly obvious what has been going on over all these years and will continue to go on for god knows how many more years. I am not in a position to prove or disprove anything I read in those books other than to say I see it and believe it but what can I do about it? As near as I can tell, NOTHING! They are just too powerful and well entrenched for me or even a bunch of mes to ever go up against. The Kennedy's tried and lost! But I do not and will not vote because it's obvious to me that ALL politicians are owned and operated by hidden Super Powerful individuals who tell them ALL what to say and do - such as governor Arnold. It must be sickening for an idealistic politician to have to suck up to the Powerful folks who actually run things - OR ELSE!!! My only hope is that the Super Powerful do not destroy life on this planet for the rest of us.
jimrich jimrich
70+, M
Feb 15, 2011