Well I've been  a born again Christian since 1999, before that I was into the whole skater scene thing and started hanging out with some rockers who actually beleived in Demons, I thought they were nuts at first 'cause I didnt believe in any of that stuff I was somewhat of an athiest. To make a long story short This one dude cast a demon at me somehow I didnt see it but I felt it pass through my soul it was very scary and wicked, this fear would not go away so I decided to pray to God and sure enough God led me to my girlfriend at the time who's parents were Christians, they spoke to me about Jesus and things of the Bible, we went out for about 2 years and broke up, I was devistated, hurt and angry, the little faith I had I was losing quickly, till one night that I was chillin with a friend of mine at a park smoking out that he realised I was hurting and started asking me all kinds of questions about what was wrong with me, he then told me that I could always turn to God, at that moment I was so furious that I was about to open my mouth to let him have it with my words about what I felt about God, but before I can open my mouth he said "but God loves you" and at that very moment I felt the holy spirit pouring into me it was so awesome the love and power of God that I could'nt help but to cry.

With that being said, on Sept 11,2001, I was already working in my field of study which is in aviation, I'm an aircraft technician I remember my grandmother waking me up to tell me about the airplanes that hit the world trade centers, I originally thought my grandmother was just exaggerating, but no granma was'nt, anyway like just about everyone else I believed the official story, it was'nt till 2009 that my roomate at the time introduced me to the documentary Loose Change that changed the way that I would view the world and our government from then on.

Being a believer that the Bible is the infallible Word of God, and knowing what it sais about globalization and how it would come to pass in the last days and how the antichrist would eventually rule the world I put 2 and 2 together and realized that we are indeed getting closer to the return of Christ and the tribulation period that we will be facing here on earth with the antichrist being the ruler of the N.W.O.
apmechanic99 apmechanic99
May 6, 2012