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Bloid reporters were sent this letter and although we usually like to do the digging for ourselves, we found the story both fascinating and worrisome and would like to relay it to you so make your own decisions about big brother. The author is unknown and he did relay that the names of his friends and the towns he or she is speaking of are fictitious.

“When I first decided to tell this story I was both angry and scared. Now that it’s out there I feel a little safer but just as angry as the day it happened. Please take this as a wake up call and a warning to what “big brother” is all about.

Several weeks ago a buddy and I were sitting around enjoying some cocktails and reliving our pasts with a bloated eye. Out of nowhere he started talking to me about all these conspiracy theories of his and badmouthing the government. Being very patriotic myself we found the mood elevating into a bit of an argument. Soon Randy (my friend), was telling me about the government and how we are losing our rights and freedoms. I of course countered with safety and the need for a lot of these detractions. Then he struck a cord with me that stuck. He told me of the urban legend about saying certain words on the telephone and how when said together your conversation would be picked up and traced. I quickly let him know that kids have been spreading that rumor for years now and it was nothing but fantasy play from a big brother scenario.

As the night went on he continued to go on with this particular subject. He told me that if you said the word bomb and White House or President you would tagged, along with other less destructive catchphrases. Then came the moment I wish didn’t, he suggested that we try it and see what would happen. Being a little out of reality with the nights activities, I at least had the common sense to tell him we should wait for a time when we were both sober and could think it out. I remember I reasoned with him, saying if we do, we should have a full story together and rehearse it. I also said, that in a post 9/11 world, I didn’t think it was right to pull the strings of bomb talk or killing. He promptly agreed and figured out a way to catch a spy’s attention. He wanted to talk about recovering some wreckage of a UFO and having some sort of creature’s remains with him. He talked for the rest of the night on how we could say it over the phone and how he would act all nervous and suspicious both on the phone and later when he anticipated being watched. I went along with the talk, thinking that the moment he sobered up it would all be over. It wasn’t.

A week later he called me over to his house. Sprawled all over his floor where bits and pieces of shiny medal with hieroglyphics written on them (the work of a man on a mission indeed). Randy had worked all week on these piece and they looked great. Not being big into the UFO scene, I thought these would fool most people and to tell you the truth I was shocked he went through with it. Now I knew we were really going to play out his fantasy and I felt a little stupid thinking we were going to fake a conversation of the phone for no ones benefit. We practiced what he wanted to say and I went home and waited for the call. The morning of November 27 was a Saturday and we put his game to the test. He called and told me that he was out in the country last night with his wife and saw something streak in front of them and crash about a mile later. He had his voice shaking and cracking and put on quite a performance. I, in return, did my part to and asked him what it was. He then used all the key words he told me would catch the ear of any spy equipment. He told me he found the crash site of something he could not explain. He then used the word UFO and alien several times and told me he had debris and body from the site and did not know what to do. I told him to sit on it and I’d be over in a few minutes.

Still feeling stupid for acting this out, I put my embarrassment behind me and headed for his house. Once I got there, I saw he had cleverly arraigned just a few of the pieces around his house, barely in site of someone peeping in his window. Then we waited. In about an hour, at exactly 10.09 a.m., his dog began to bark and I could see the excitement on his face. He pulled back his curtain just enough to make out a person. Looking out myself, I saw nothing but a meter reader doing his job, which to Randy was a sign of his experiment providing fruit. I told him he really needed to relax and I was sure it was just a coincidence. Being the hard head he is he argued with me again. But before any good points could be made on either side a knock came to his door. Looking out the peephole he immediately motioned to me. “It’s the police.”, he whispered. This was close to his breaking spot because at this point be began to freak out. But I still wasn’t on board with all this and went to the door and opened it to see what the officers needed.

I would say this was the point where I began to question what was going on. After I opened the door, two unusually pushy police officers came into Randy’s home uninvited. I asked what the problem was and they informed me that the neighbors called in a “loud noise” complaint. Now knowing that Randy and I were the only two in the house, I knew this was either a mistake or something was really happening. After looking around a bit, I realized that one of the officers noticed a piece of Randy’s wreckage and then quickly excused themselves from the residence. Watching the officers pull away, I made what was the most startling discovery to me. The police cars were not marked with Randy’s town insignia. They weren’t his towns, his county’s or the State police. These police cars were marked as Pinecrest Police Department. Very official looking but in no way from a town near us, not even one I had heard of.

At this point, a lot but not all of my skepticism was gone and fear was starting to set in. Did we really get ourselves into something potentially dangerous? I mean I didn’t believe in these movie antics in the first place. Now would we have to face other things you hear our government is capable of doing, the erasing of people’s lives, the men in black stuff. At that time it all flushed over me and we panicked. We decided to leave his house and try to just get on with the day. Soon we would find out that was going to be impossible. The second we walked outside you could feel an eeriness surrounding us. We paid close attention to everyone around us and to tell you the truth for such a small friendly town, there were A LOT of faces we didn’t recognize, and that just didn’t happen in a town like this. Our fear must have made us look even more suspicious. We were constantly looking over our shoulders and we found that we were actually being followed. Not by any marked car but by your average sedan. We quickly made it our priority to ditch this surveillance and with some pretty good moves and a lot more knowledge of our town than our aggressors, we found ourselves free and clear.

Randy then made a claim I didn’t know about. He anticipated being driven from the house and planted several motion detecting cameras in trees overlooking his home. He was dead positive we would have evidence that big brother in fact watches all of us. And we got the camera shots of suits entering Randy’s house that day, with neither his consent nor knowledge and leaving with every scrap of metal he had fabricated. The next day, when things cooled down, Randy and his family came out to dinner with me and my family. While we were out, Randy’s house had a mysterious fire. He made the guess that whatever they couldn’t find, couldn’t be left to chance. We can’t say if the fire was of the common sort or not but Randy lost his home over a really dumb prank that gave us proof that we now live in 1984.”
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I've know about big brother sense I was around 10 or 11

holy ******* **** dude, is this story real man?

I don't really know the truth. I am the editor of and I get odd submissions all the time. Some people tell me it was for fun, some people swear by the stories. Sometimes you can tell they're BS(shaved Bigfoot or something) and some I can't. This guy told me this was real, but there is no way for me to ever tell. I did find this one fascinating tho. This and the one this week at the site called "Between the Paws" Oh, and by the way, the guy who calls himself Agent X on the site, sends these in every edition and claims his are 100% real. He has some wild stuff. If they are true, we live in a scary world.

firstly, scary doesn't even begin to describe it.

Thanks for the information, I'll check out the website.

o thanks, we're all awesome, but thanks for sharing that you think I am too.