A Question That Has Been Sitting In My Mind For A Long Time..

I'm going to be going around to a lot Chatrooms, forums etc.. to try to get a legit answer to what im about to ask. I've been very intimidated by what the answer may be though. i have been doing a lot of research about the illuminati, free masonary, God, The Devil and so on. it is really hard for me to get everything that i read and watch which leads me to think that im pretty much on own in this world we live in, but i walk with God no matter what. I'm just trying to find others who think the same way i do, to try to help me figure what my cause is on living on this planet. I believe my purpose is "Far" greater then goin to college to get a high paying job and what not. I just dont like the idea of following in the same footsteps of everyone in the USA anways but im not saying i wouldnt want to learn, I'd rather learn and study more interesting things that will perpare me for what may come before my time is up..

my Question Is though...
..how do i say this without sounding completely crazy.. ha

The Illuminati, they say u must give to get and that giving, You must give up, is your very soul for riches and health. weather you talk to the devil youself or expirement with black magic consistently until something happens. there are a few other crazy ways i've herd but im going to keep everything short

So what my questions is... I'm a soldier of Gods army right?, thats what i would like to call mysel anywaysf. So would it be possible for me to somehow Join The illuminati, learn there ways keep a low profile and find out whats really going on to break this secret society down from the inside? a glich in the system...

will My Lord and Savior forgive me for sacraficing my own very well being for the greater cause of man kind? for all that is good? or will i just fail and burn for all eternity?..

i would ask for forgivness prior and clense myself completely before i would talk any actions.

Now why do i ask this?.......like i said, i feel like my purpose on this Earth is Greater then what people percieve...i really cant see myself doing anyhting else.

Sep 7, 2012