"farewell To All, And To All Good Luck"

I write this with a great sadness in my heart. I'll get right to the point. We are all F^@%#D. And you can remove "Theories" from the Conspiracy Investigations. My friends, the evil which has vowed to take control of our planet hundreds of years ago, has succeeded. This elite society, royal blood line, has taken control of every aspect of our lives and the sad part is, almost all humans on this earth, don't have a clue. They just go about their commercial driven lives, (you are programmed what to buy) struggling from cheque to cheque,( no end to debt in sight) racing to keep up with trends, (hey who started the trends anyway?) living on laboratory created fast foods, (have you seen the McDonald's Fries experiment on u-tube?) washing your body with "Name Brand" crap for smoothing this and moisturizing that, while all these chemicals are seeping into your pores and getting to your blood stream everyday, breathing toxic air from the daily spraying of Chem-Trails world wide, drinking toxic bottled water laced with more poison then your tooth paste, eating GMO food from every grocery store. (Ever wonder why mostly all you find is seedless fruit and vegetables? mostly) living on prescription pills that do nothing more then mask your illness and creates new ones, when simply changing your diet can cure almost anything, believing everything you see on cable or dish TV. Folks, the bastards did it. They own all the food, water, fuel, medicine, every form of media, the military, all world governments answer to them, all corporate heads answer to them. And to add salt to wound now they can control the weather. You don't have to be a scholar to know "he who controls the weather, controls who lives and who dies". And you have to wonder, where in the heck did all this knowledge and high speed technology originated from in such a short span of time???? If I throw alien contact into the mix, you like most tweeters, will think I'm nuts. I watch too much sci-fi movies. What if the aliens already control this planet. What if they always have? What if the elite were groomed by the aliens and shown how to reduce the population, to reserve resources, and promised a life of great dreams? And then once the planet is depopulated, the aliens will wipe out whats left of the elite and gain full control. What better and effortless way to gain control, then making the population wipe itself out for you. And when the smoke clears, and the earth is quiet, the elite emerge from their under ground fortresses to rule a blown up burnt to **** world. ( Beneath Area 51, can house up to 120 families, the Ozarks will house another 120 families, which have under ground roadways connecting them. But they will all die too. Once they emerge, the aliens will wipe them out. Its happened before. Look at the ruins in Mexico, Egypt, and so many other locations, where entire civilizations vanished without a trace. Coincidence? History is about to repeat itself but this time the archaeologists of the future will unearth area 51, the Ozarks, British caves New York, Hong Kong, and places alike and wonder...what the hell happened here? Where did everyone go? And today here we hang from a cliff by a daisy. The commercial world we know is about to come to a screeching halt, the food will disappear, disease will run rampant, water will stop running, the media will send no more signals....and THAT is when civilization will realize something is wrong. When it is already way way too late. Folks, wake up, realize we are on the brink of WW3. Nation against nation. And know this, that the USA is target # 1. They have thrown their big gun weight around too long, and now that they are weakening as a nation, they will be an easy take. And its going to be an ugly battle for whats left. Who ever takes the USA, will get Canada as well. And that's the prize. Canada, the richest country for natural resources of any where on earth, and no military to worry about. Just a bunch of beer drinking hockey stick waving deer hunting rednecks, who still think everything is peachy. The sad thing about all of this is that none of it was ever a secret. All this evil took place right under our noses, all we would have had to do was read more. Yes read more. All of the communications through out history among the elite was done through book writing. Remember all those old dusty books in your library nobody ever read? Most of them have been removed already, and destroyed. There has been a massive book discarding champagne through out North America and Europe for many years now. Books being disposed of into landfills. Getting rid of any evidence and proof of the past history. Its happening still today. I've rescued many of these said books and my findings are unbelievable. So many of these books read like a government reports. Books written a hundred years ago that describe events happening today. With accurate precision. Dates, Places, People....and if you study these books enough, you see patterns unfold, and certain signatures pop up more, and the amount of Illuminati and satanic symbolism is astonishing. All this crap is happening around us as you read this, and will never realize, because you are all to busy tweeting, and messaging, and kinecting, that you will never see any of this coming. One day very very soon, your media will be shut down, your food sources will be dry, your bank cards useless, no water, no power, nothing. And then you idiots will realize with your dying breath that there never was any theory behind the conspiracies, it was all true.
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I DIsagree, First of all there not Aliens, for the most part that is, hundreds of children go missing in Africa every year , due to child sacrifice ,,, and even thoe its the Witch Doctors that do it , they get away with it ,, the police turn a blind eye ,, Because unlike the freemasons in the western world withch are made up of all the Top brass police comisionsers judges ,political Etc ,,,, why do the witch doctors do child sacrifice ? its to gain favour with the spirits , luck wealth , longetivity of life ,prosperity , Protection ,,, why is george bush seniour and kissinger still alive because there witch doctors ,,, doing child sacrifice , drinking the blood eating the heart ,,, like take my body and eat from it ,, this is my blood drink from it , from whoever thoes will know the kindom of my glory ,,,,,,, the vodo priests in jamica do it ,, and the shamans in south america do it ,,, its a pratice that has been going on since the times of babylon and since im sure the conception of life on this densisty realm what ever ,,,,, these spirits /entitys / demons can appear as a dead relitive they can appear as any thing ,,, and im pretty sure ,, they are the greys in physical 3rd demision bodys ,, i dont call them aliens ,, because i reserve the word aliens for a natural this dimension or density living life form ,,, not a super bnatural body suit which is what is the greys ,,, and there masters of deciept ,,,, they have not only been working on this conspiricy for many hundreds of not thousands of years ,,, im pretty sure they have a very big hand in all of the disinformation widley been dispersed on the internet today ,,,,,i find it compelling that Eisinhour who made treatys with the greys was a freemason himself ,,,, and i know for a fact freemasons do human sacrifice as well and have done so along many other secret societys ture out the ages ,,, maby 90 percent of freemasons think its a gentle man club that donates money to childrens hospitals how convient ,,, to burry the shame in what they do , during there blood lust for child sacrifice but to donate a few shillins to the nearest sick children hospital ,,,,,any way there is alot more to all of this than the 1947 ,,, i think in my own mind deliberate , ufo crash ,,,, and its funny whe n u think about it ,,,, that tesla suposedly cracked anti gravity and einstine suposedly chaneled these spirits as well ,,,, any one runing in popular circles back then and definatly today will most definatly fall prey to the Occult ,,,,,,,,,,,, and its interesting how if a tenatious conspiricy was to be devoloped about aliens from "out there " was to be commenced ,,, it begs to to examine how crop circles were only 2 or 3 circles back in the 40s and 50s and as the year go buy the crop circles got more advanced and evolved ,,,almost like the baby eating demonic elete got betyter at making them as the years went on ,,, and also the UFOS back in the 50s and 60 s were more simple desinged and stupid looking compared to todays more advanced UFOs so ,,, im not saying there is no aliens ,,, there probably is ,,, and but my argument is ,,, that if there out there and want this planet ,,, why thousands of years of conspiricy and infiltration ,, and taking over banks ,, media ,, univeritys ,,, making secret societys ,,, and the whole lot ,,,no sounds to me like humans doing demonic sorrcy and riturals like alister crowley and king solomon magic ,and have been doing them for centuarys ,,,ie ,, the Pharoes from eyjept never disapered they just moved in to europe and created all the roaylety , and the with doctors and shamans and vodo priests have always evoked the spirits true sacrifce of chikens goats and humans ,, thats where the breed crums have led me.

Nope. Not me. Staying right here. EP rocks.

I fully agree with what you are writing about. These are ideed sad times for the world. What is happening in the us is very much nwo. My guess is that they will wait until most of the "baby boomers" are dead or near dead and pose less of a threat to them. They will probably succeed in adding Mexico and Canada to our country. If Planet X makes it's predicted visit it will only make it easier for them to decrease the population down to a manageable size. And here I thought you were saying goodbye to members of EP.

The Canada Mexico USA deal has been signed and its official. Our currency will shortly become The Amero. And with the amount of Chem-Spraying going on, they are not waiting.

awe inspiring rant my friend and I believe everything you have said and I know of things that would make you think I was crazy....There is hope, don't give up, never give in. you should see this video about the true purpose of geo-engineering. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzW5Kb8u0Og&feature=g-hist

Yes I watched it. And everyone with eyes and ears SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO!