Marijuana Sex and Everything else.

I love marijuana. I've been toking since I was 14. I love what it does for me and how it makes me feel, and how it allows me to see with a much more clear and open mind. For me, And if you have not had sex under the influence of weed, then you have not had sex. During sex, weed allows you to feel the fantasy dimension in real life simulations. Your fantasy is amplified, and becomes very creative. Sensual.  When I'm stoned, and eating my wife, the creativity in technique's satisfies my wife quickly. Every time. The creativity in positions, dirty talk, and tender touches is amplified 100%.
For me, a good toke of some MATURE stinky bud can activate one or all of these different levels of consciousness. 
- it boosts my Artistic creativity. A toke has created many tunes,(I write music) Has built many Diorama's and Models. Redecorated my house 20 times over.
- it calms me when I'm flustered. If I'm nervous, anxious, or in a bad mood, 1 toke turns these emotions into comedy-fest.
- it helps me focus deeply on anything I'm doing. No matter what I'm doing, a toke amplifies focus. Deepens Focus. Concentrating is easier. 
- it keeps my anger in check with humor. I cannot become angry when I'm buzzed. Everything is way to humorous.
- it keeps me very horny and romantic. I love to eat ***** stoned, **** in multiple positions and locations when I'm stoned, sex outdoors stoned rules.
- it keeps me smiling and friendly. Everyone is my friend, my brother, my sister, my step relative when I'm stoned. 
- it makes long drives more fun. Guilty. Not one ticket or accident in nearly 40 years.
- it writes songs for me. Filled with emotion, your expression can be blocked. A toke unlock's it and throws it center stage. Idea's just flood in.
- it builds diorama's for me. Close to 200 to date. From book shelf rama's to full town's with working lights, sound, effects, animation.
- it keeps me inventing and creating things. About 150 inventions and business creations to date.
- it makes me work harder and faster. With focus amplified, productivity and efficiency is increased.
- it keeps my shoulder pains in check. For me a good toke replaces any pharmaceutical for aches and pains. And what a great laxative.
- it helps me sleep great. When the weed is wearing off, it's the best time to go to sleep. Deep restful sleep.
- it helps me create new desserts. I've invented enough yummy meals and finger licking desserts to write my own cook book.
- in general it keeps me functioning at optimal levels even at 52. Energy and motivation is optimal.
Marijuana improves my everyday life in almost every imaginable way possible. I understand why the Corporations want to keep it illegal.
What I don't understand is "Why is it still called a Controlled Substance and Why is it classified as a drug, because in my opinion its is neither." Controlled Substance is funny. Last time I checked the whole industry is earning billions around the world every year. And there is plenty around because I have never been without in over 40 years. For every grow op that is busted, there is 20 more they missed completely. Control means running every aspect of an operation. Ah, yeah. That hasn't, nor will ever happen. The law just does not have the resources to be in control of the weed industry. In fact, the law enforcement agencies benefit greatly financially every year. I personally know a cop that tokes. I also know he never pays for it. I've gotten some from him.
A DRUG???? Give me a Bleeping Break.
The drug classification is totally wrong. Drugs are created in laboratories, by chemists.
Marijuana is a natural herb. It was here long before Chemistry was created, and can out do most anything created in a lab.
If you have issues, marijuana can probably solve them for you. Stop killing your self with pharmaceuticals. And eat healthier, between the two you will run at optimal levels. This is why the big drug companies wont allow it to be available to anyone. They'd go broke over night. If they were smart, they'd supply the world with it. They'd make more then they have ever dreamed.
So I say to them...ptffffff pftftft, gurgle, aaaahhhhhhhhh! Think I'll go do the wife now. Then write a song about it.
timaddog timaddog
51-55, M
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

We have never tried it and are thinking we want to. We both love sex and I mean we love it. I am hoping that marijuana might be our next step forward in our sex lives. I think we both have some fantasies that we are afraid to tell the other about. Hope marijuana can break down those barriers and help us have even greater sex than we have now and its good now.