Waste Their Oil First

Is the United States headed towards third world country status? The stock market is down, the unemployment rate is high, everyone is losing their homes and we seem to be in the middle of endless wars. There can be no escape from this, can there? Of course, don’t be foolish. As much as you have to hate those that control our fates from behind the curtain, the one thing you can’t accuse them of is thinking ahead. I know many of you are concerned for the state of the great Red, White and Blue, but I am here to tell you all to relax.

Yes, they want to control you, they want you to stop over-populating and they play with you like pawns, but they actually do have a plan for the United States to stay on top for quite a bit longer. This is called “Project Dry up”. Before you learn of this you need to know that just a few decades ago the United States was the biggest exporter of oil throughout the entire world. It’s really how we built our wealth and started to control the world. Then those pesky people over there in the Middle East found out that they were sitting on a huge pile of the black stuff. Well, they started pumping away and soon, they took over the game.

This is where the United States became very clever. We started pulling back the reins on what we would allow to go out, we stopped putting the pumps in the ground in the guise of ecology and in short order, we convinced the great masses of the world that the United States didn’t have much of the black gold anymore….Wrong! The United States is still sitting a massive pull of oil. In fact, we sit on more of it than any other country in the world. So why, you ask, are we paying these unbelievable prices to these other countries and in essence, almost crashing our economy because it is about all the common citizen can afford anymore.

It’s pretty simple. The have a finite amount of the black gold were as the United States is almost limitless in the combination of oil, coal and natural gas. The plan is to use up all the energy around the world, eat off their plate first then sit back with an entire fridge full of food that they have to beg you for. See, they charge a lot for the oil today, but they keep that amount in check because they know countries can go elsewhere, but if only one nation had the goods, they set the price. Soon, we will drain all the Middle East and THEN, we will set energy regulations here in the US. Why do you think they allow us to use the most energy in the world despite have a lesser population…To use it up quickly. Once the other countries are out of the oil, we start pumping and make the 100 dollar a barrel oil look cheap. Some reports are we plan on charging upwards of 500 a barrel and will then control the entire world without question.

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ricknaub ricknaub
Dec 6, 2012