"now Think...do You Feel Like This?

Ask Yourself These "Theoretical Questions".

A) Have your ears been ringing a lot more then usual? A high pitch whistle, or Beeeeeeeeep.Always the same pitch or key. Listen Closely, Concentrate, you just may not have noticed it yet. Go to somewhere quiet. And Listen.

B) Have you had more frequent head aches which is unusual to you?

C) Have you had unusual and unexpected dizzy spells? Stumbles? Nausea?

D) Do you have sores or rashes that keep reappearing or just do not heel?

E) Do you Loose your train of thought or forget why you went in the other room more frequently?

F) Do you look down at your "Tech Toy Device" Texting, Googling, or playing online games for more then 5 hours per day?

G) Have you experienced all of these symptoms?

H) Have you been to your doctor and they found nothing wrong?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, especially (G) & (H), then my urgent suggestion to you "In the name of Humanity" is to educate yourself, your doctor, your friends, your family, your associates, quickly, ...soon... NOW! Before its too late. " I can't believe I actually said that." Please watch this video

1) Go to YouTube.com
and TYPE IN,
From Chem Trails to Pseudo - Life:
The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (Full Length Video)

Watch this Important Video....and Listen...Closely, its HUGELY important to you, and everyone and everything you know
Make sure you are safely sitting down. With a friend. At Home Tonight. (You may want to keep something close by that you can throw up into) No this is not gross in any way, but if you listen, you may understand how this could be sickening.

2) Then check out this site. www.aboutthesky.com

3) Tomorrow, when ever you are outside, Look Up and C 4 Ur Self.

4) Return to your doctor, and ask him/her to watch the same video. And ask What can be done? Ask your School, Your Friends and Family...."What Can We Do?" How Can We Stop This? Or Fight Back?

>>>>>>>>GO DO THIS NOW!<<<<<<<< Finish reading later. >>GO<<

I have tried to go through as many scenarios on this, there are a few, but there are no "good endings". And the sad part is that they all have the same ending.

Judging by the frequency and quantity of the spraying just in the last 60 days, with our air and bodies now electrically charged, whats to say on 12/12/2012, the HAARP system is cranked up to maximum, and all of us just drop dead on the spot.

Non infected crew will come in and put all those millions of "giant coffins" they have been stock piled in so many places, into operation and dispose of all the dead bodies. (How do you get a job like that?) And once the depopulation mission is complete, everyone involved in completing of the mission, will also be killed. All the evidence must be deleted, erased, disposed of, no records of intent or any soul with knowledge involved be allowed to exist.
And then there will remain is 7 families to rule the world. "****** at it's purest"

"Imagine having the world as your personal playground, and synthetic slaves to insure your every desire. The world split into 7 sectors. Each Family own and are responsible for their sector.
And the day will come, while during one of many **** filled family reunions, someone, will **** someone off. And someone will get shot and killed. Causing this once tight knit family affair to be divided and tempers will flare and 1 person may say, Screw it, I'm taking it all, and become sole owner of a planet.
2 years later, on a fine Tuesday morning, sky is blue, not sound but the breeze skimming off the treeless landscape, a fleet UFO's arrived, and the occupants were surprised to find a baron planet, with all life destroyed. The they find Joe Blow and his incestrally produced family, and kill them for what they have done to the planet and all that lived on it.
The aliens must now, once again, cleanse the earth, reseed the earth, and start life over again. I'm sure next time they too will be more careful with THEIR bio engineering, when it comes to human life forms. IQ's just went up.
15,000 years from now, a team of "new earth archaeologists" will stumble on and dig up Disney World. How stupid do you think, they will think we were?
I wish I could be there for the jokes.
timaddog timaddog
51-55, M
Dec 6, 2012