Mind Control! Theory? Or Mission Complete?

By now a majority of the population owns a hand held media communication devise. Phone, Droid, Pod, etc. By now everyone spends more then 5 hours a day operating it. Right? It never leaves your side, its always in click reach. Right?
There are still people who use PC exclusively.

Ok, so lets throw some more substance into the soup.

Fact, Chem-Trails are real, have been for years, and operations are greatly increased this year. Right?

Fact, Scientists in state of the art facilities have discover the contents of the Chem-Trail Fall Out.

Fact. The some of the contents of the Chem-Trail Fall Out includes:
-Human Red Blood Cells, that are reproducing.
-Completely unidentifiable fibers and composites unknown to man.
-Completely unknown fibers, reproducing, fast, inside you.
-And my favorite...nano technology. Active, knowledgeable, and controllable.

Fact. These materials are all around everyone on the globe. We breath it, drink it, eat it. Have been for years, and the dosage went up this year. 2012

Fact, The Chem-Trail operation was pulled off with no protest or confrontation because most of the population has been mesmerized by technology. The old decoy trick.

Fact. Most of today's population could not function without hand held devices.

Fact. Most of today's population could not identify a natural cloud.

Fact. Some of the elements of Chem-Trails are used for Weather Control.

Fact. These elements are activated and manipulated with HAARP

(If you have not seen the press release on the findings yet, go to YouTube and type in... From Chem Trails to Pseudo-Life (Full Length) )

SO ...if HAARP can control climate conditions ......on a global scale......... by activating the Chem-Trail contents, .....the very same materials we have been ingesting for years. And everyone spends their days, tweeting, go-ogling, texting, gaming, order your food, and only know what your device informs them with......constantly looking down, or straight at a screen. Oblivious to the reality around them. Facts.

Transformers was a cool movie, but folks.....someone took it seriously.

This is the perfect mass genocide or murder plan. Fill the "Useless Eaters" with electrically conductive material, and nano bots and on a decided date, when the elite are safely tucked away in their underground castles, they turn HAARP up to full discharge, and everyone on earth, just drops dead.

Mission Complete.

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Very scary thought. At least if that was to happen we would all go back Home to the Other Side where we can live in the Perfect Love of our God and Goddess. So maybe it won't be so back. Though if everyone was to just drop dead like that who would clean up the mess afterward?

That would explain the hundreds of thousands of coffins placed all over north america. I would hate that job.

Has anyone actually seen them though other than just pictures that have been floating around the net? I have heard about it too but have not seen or heard any direct proof. Just that they are there. Could that be another misinformation thing that the government is trying to put out there for us.

I wish it was fake but its real. The coffins, hundreds of thousands of them. Each holding 4-6 bodies. I've seen pics and videos. Nobody knows who owns them, or who had them built and exactly why. It really is sad the world we live in.

I have seen the pictures too. Check out the andromeda council website. The earth will be going through some major changes soon. Possible shifting of the crust. It is possible that would be the cause.

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