11/12/2012 10:10 Am "bio-winter" In Canada.

I looked out the window, and its snowing.
"S#!^ I have not put my snow tires on yet."
I step out side to assess the weather conditions.
I'm standing beside my (Covered) BBQ, cover is black. And notice something strange.
Something funny or strange about the snow flakes.
I looked closer! They do look the same!
I looked closer! They ARE the same but in various sizes.
I grabbed the nearest camera and snapped the photos (check my album)

I also noticed that an ice formation on a small puddle near the house was like none I have seen before.
I posted these pics and would appreciate your thoughts.

But wait...there's more, I hollered for my kids to come see the snow. When they got there, I asked them to look at the snow on the black piece of plastic I layed out.
"What do you see?"
"Snow Flakes"...they answered in stereo.
"Yes, I said, but do you notice anything strange about them?"
They looked at them quietly, and my daughter blurts out..
"They look like the snow flakes in Cartoons"
Didn't expect that one, so I looked even closer.
Well put me in a woman's prison covered in chocolate, they do look like cartoon flakes. Just like snow flakes in cartoons, all cartoons.

Then my son (8) blurts out..."They are all the same"
Bingo, I said, that's what I noticed.
Then he said, "but they are different sizes, but copies of each other.

My daughter looks up, (she's 9) and says...(I'm not making this up)
"This is fake snow" she says.
How do you know? I asked...and almost in stereo they both answered..
"Because snow flakes aren't supposed to be the same"

So, If you live anywhere in Canada or North Central USA, and it's snowing???
Go outside and take a close look at your snow flakes in your area.
Now I'm curious to see how large of a weather system can be controlled?

I also noticed when the snow lands on your face, especially around the eyes, it's not cold, it stings or tingles.
If they are similar to our snow flakes....

WARNING! Do not let your kids catch these on their tongues, until further testing has been done.

OK, is this enough evidence to stop using the word "Theories"????

timaddog timaddog
51-55, M
Dec 11, 2012