12/12/2012 "new Snow" Formula For Canada

As I reported in the 11/12/2012 Bio-Snow observation, on the 12th (Next Day), the snow fall got even stranger. It is safe and logical to assume that a "different formula" was used to create this snow fall.
When these snow flakes hit the ground, they appeared very similar to "Styro-Foam Balls. As the "bio-flakes" fell towards the ground, they appeared flat and with random shapes but deformed, and most of them were "spinning" (like a Frisbee) but counter clock wise as they fell. OH...Very important, the wind also was behaving strange. Strong short gusts of wind came from every direction..from the west, then east, then north, then south, from above and below.(At some points I witnessed snow falling UP!) I'm calling this the "Stirred Not Shaken" effect. As these weird gusts were blowing around the snow flakes grew in size as they latched on to other snow flakes in the mix. When the now larger clumpier snow flakes touched ground, they'd curl into these little white orbs.
I also noticed that on the roads, it also accumulated quickly, Very slippery, slowing all vehicles to a crawl. (Control Weather...Control Traffic)
BUT...it also was completely gone from the roads, within 20 minutes...BUT the snow stayed, and kept its form Every Where Else. And still staying 13/12/2012 roads are clear. (I cant be the only person that goes outside, and observes...Where else is this kind of obviously fake snow falling??? Maybe, is it a different Formula then our areas.??? Does anyone remember what natural snow flakes looks like???) If you are over 50 you probably do. The generations behind us will not even notice the difference between a natural cloud formation and a Bio-Chem-Cloud formation.
So now we know "Someone" has some supper high tech toys to create, control, and design weather. I've witnessed fake rain, designer lightning storms, forced drought, and now fake snow. I cant wait to see what fake summers will be like.
Wow, can you imagine, sitting at your lap top, in some deep underground fortress, surveillance camera's everywhere on earth, and owning a program, which is in reality to its owner, "The Ultimate Reality Game System" A reality game that is linked electronically to reality, and can create control and design the weather. And supposedly control mass minds through the hand held devices which is now in pretty much everyone's possession. To many, it's their link to life. Without it they would be lost. These very same people believe only what they get from their device. Not what an actual voice may say. They probably also believe reelections and votes are done by society. Just not ours. The mind control began with the advent of the internet.
Now also imagine in this reality game you were able to control, food, money, laws, military, electricity, communications, media, music, movies, books, schools, prisons, to name a few, on top of the weather control. At the click of a mouse or touch screen. This Reality Game would be called "Earth...Re-designed and Ruled by 1"
Now....did any of this wake any of you up??? Hello...is this thing on....testing a b c 1 2 3 you and me????
Who watches Survivor?? Then you know how a "Blind Side" works. I think the human race is in for the Biggest Blind Side in the almost erased history.
Isn't life just F^@#ing Great???
timaddog timaddog
51-55, M
Dec 13, 2012