An alternate view of the NWO

I would like to share a simple experience, and keep it simple, but then you do research yourself.
I used to believe in things like the illuminati, and racial equality. And that one day all races would join together in a struggle to rebel against corrupt governments. You know, a typical view and desire of Liberals.

Not anymore, or not exactly the same way. I now believe in simple cold truth, no paranoia about reptilian aliens or freemasons. I believe that it's really the Jewish Supremacists/Zionists who are controlling our media, bank, government, and education system.

And the belief that what we humans have-genetic and cultural differences are kept denied by the mainstream world, and replaced with egalitarianism. What liberals believe: "Yes all races are equal, we all bleed red, therefore we are all the same, brothers and sisters, black is just another white". But to me it's all bullshit!

This philosophy of equality that has been inserted in our conscience since the day of out birth, is used to get rid of our natural belief in differences, without that we are more easily controlled. And isn't that what the NWO is? Total control, everyone has to be told that they are the same and conform.

And again I'm not interested in explaining too much, you should do research yourself, whatever race you are.

There was a certain YouTube video I watched which made me think about what I believed, I would like you to research it. Go on Google and type in the tags:

who do you trust alex jones david icke william pierce

Watch the whole thing and be enlightened.
LustForAphrodite LustForAphrodite
18-21, M
Jan 11, 2013