Will The Aliens Be Mad?

I'd like to toss out a question to you theory buffs.
With all we now know about past civilizations, their tombs, their technology, and all the evidence of alien visits, here is the question.
When the aliens return, and find that all the gold which they stashed in these ancient tombs has been stolen, and sold, and some melted down,...
will they be pissed and want it back... or else?
Think about it. Maybe those were the aliens personal artifacts and they put them in these ancient tombs for safe keeping until they return again.
Man .....will the elite be on the spot then or what? Or else.

And I'm sure you heard about the MONEY PIT on Oak Island in Canada. The impenetrable Shaft that goes down 200 feet or more, with the most elaborate and ingenious security system I've ever encountered. If not, you have to see THE MONEY PIT on YouTube. Designed to hide something, and keep it safe. The design is obviously alien, and yet the ignorant archaeologists are persisting to find out whats at the bottom. 6 people have died trying. So far. Are these people stupidly over curious or just greedy thieves. Id say both. Witnesses have reported green lights moving about the island. Take the hint. If you want to know whats going on, why not plant some infra red cameras and see for your self. And then leave it alone. It does not belong to you. I'm surprised the Canadian Government has not stopped this project. Before more people die. And with the radiation readings they have discovered on the site, it is just stupid to press forward. Some of them think it could be the Holy Arch of the Covenant. If it is, you should take heed, read the scriptures about what happened the last time it was out in the open. This is why it had to be buried so deeply, and protected. It can destroy civilization completely. What the...is it worth risking everything to find whats down there. Its there for a damn good reason for that much security. What if its the technology that destroyed Atlantis??? And the aliens that gave them the technology, saw what happened, burried on Oak Island, to avoid that disaster to reaccure.

We have far greater concerns on earth today, and nothing down there will change it. Leave it alone. Its NOT YOURS. Lets work on fixing the planet, instead of destroying any hope we may have left. I wish the aliens would invade and blast the **** our of every corporation and military base on earth. And then maybe they would share their smarts with the real civilization on earth and not a bunch of spoiled rotten money hoarding idiots. Then we can build a healthy planet with an abundance of everything, and the aliens can move in right next door. Yes like on "The Neighbors". I'll even change my name to Marty Weaver. Think of all the cool stuff we could learn from each other. Imagin going to the other end of this universe with your alien neighbors for a Sunday afternoon Cruise. I could teach them to play heavy metal, and euchre.lol
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Yes the ramification is a scary thought. and someone will have to answer if the depts are called in. Maybe aliens except VISA.

maybe , nah lmao

Good Question, Honestly I never thought about it like that .My answer to the Question is Omg ,yes they will beyond mad.Maybe thats why there shooting HAARP blindly out into space,maybe one of their other uses for it is they are going to use it as a defense weapon against it does seem any way you look at it they are in a world of ****.I ve often thought maybe they havent honored an agreement that they have made with them.Just a thought.