I Don't "Like" Conspiracy Theories

But I do find them interesting. What could have led us to the world we are in today? Most of the people who hate conspiracy theories never gave them a chance... Well guess what? Facts are facts and the truth will prevail it always does. I have never met someone who has done the amount of research I have who still believes in our govt.... Hmm mm sound like somethings wrong? Oh yeah there are those experts the govt pays.... They only hire you if your results say what they want them to say.... People all I have to say is, do you really want to put blind faith in other people? When peoples motivation today is practically proven to be money and power..... Doesn't sound like a smart thing to do... Take some time to read the uncensored stories on the internet. Your opinion will change... Or not, but at least you can sound intelligent when arguing your point supporting the govt...
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2008

I like the idea of government. And it is a good idea that really doesn't work in the USA least of all.

The idea is that the government is the institutions paid for by the people and controlled by the people that represents the people. This is good~ There should be a safety net, a big defender, something on the side of the people

But this is an outdated system. We need something far different and new! We can't go back to this paper and word based technology, we need a new paradigm, and a new system where science leads in the name of human prosperity, not profit or law or anything else. A global mechanical system that guarantees food and water and education and public goods to everyone.


I have been watching blackwater an independent policing agency who used to focus in Iraq and has now just moved back to the US. They are under investigation for 17 murders, weapons smuggling accross boarders, and also a not so public story is illegal purchases of assault rifles. Weapons they had the govt illegally purchase for them.... After the public heard they hurry and hid the evidence and pretended the guns were FOR the police.... Now they are just being held in some locked room....