They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll

Certain circumstances in my life are about to change and cause a very different sort of lifestyle for my children and me.  I have not had cable, digital, or satellite television since the mid 1990s.  It has been so long, I don't remember the last year I severed ties with television.  I have watched a few tv shows when staying at hotels, friends or family's houses, and on the internet throughout the years.  Since I have been out of the loop for so long, I am not all that hip to current fashion, music, stars, and shows that are exposed through this media outlet and neither are my children - thank God!  :)   We will soon be in a cable television environment for quite some time.  I am a little worried, as this has simply not been a part of our lifestlye in what seems like forever. 

I love learning about the different conspiracy theories out there.  I am more into the religious ones than the political ones, but do like them all...even the weird ones (the moon landing was a hoax played out at Disney), and even the ones I do not believe are true.  Everything is a conspiracy, really, since everyone has an agenda, right? 

I hate the television on during the day, because we spend so much of our time being zombies and listening to what other people tell us what they think/want us to do.  So it's nice to have that crap off during the day.

To prepare them for their entrance into a normal life , I am diving in deep and letting them see all sides in order for them to be able to think for themselves.  I just want them to know what's out there and that they do not have to stay on someone else's conveyer built if they do not want to.  They know bits and pieces already, so some of this stuff isn't new.  This is part of how I am teaching them critical thinking.  So we began watching a very long documentary about music today.  We are a musical family by the way! 

To clear something up here, before I get bashed.  I love all sorts of music and have nothing against rock and roll.  Music is very powerful and I think it is important to understand how power can be used to manipulate and where it comes from.  Alex Jones is great, but I wonder about him sometimes too.  I decided to spice it up a bit, so we watched this one.  It is very long, but you can find the other 50 something parts on YouTube.  Please enjoy and recommend your favorite videos of this sort to me, please, please, please!


Note:  Everyone should watch, "America:  Freedom to Fascism"  That is THE best conspiracy documentary I have seen.



lifeorregret lifeorregret
31-35, F
Mar 9, 2010