Container House Under The Spotlight, Shenzhen

Nearly time, shenzhen container house attracted many people's eyes. And that the reporter understands, container housing exists not only in shenzhen, xiamen, ningbo, and region, in Shanghai this word also is not the first to mention.
When faced with such a "cabinet" humble abode, many scholars experts attitude is differ, someone said to solve the low income housing problem, also somebody up this is to the happiness of the discount and dignity.
For container housing problems, the society has been a lot of controversy. Some people think that, in the security room supply more nervous or buy a person with limited circumstances, development house may be future solution container low-income people housing difficulties of effective ways, also some people thought, container of happiness and dignity is building a discount.
Container house is helpless under can only accept choice, not only is WuGongZhe, white-collar workers, facing the housing difficult problem, also may be forced to accept a similar some reality, the government should provide more affordable housing construction, for people to provide low-cost housing.

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Feb 7, 2012