I Really Love My Converse All Stars But...

I love my red Converse All Stars, and I wear them everywhere I go, every single day. So much that my parents are always on my back about needing to wear different shoes. They say they're too old and dirty now and that's a reflection on them.

I tell them that I'm 14 now, and whatever fashion choices I make reflect on ME, unless I dress like a ****, which I don't. My favorite clothes are my loose red sweatshirt and my slim straight boys' jeans. I seriously doubt the sanity of parents who let their kids go out dressed like *****, but otherwise, I don't even consider the parents when looking at the fashion choices of teenagers. I'm not a 'child' anymore, and they're another story...

Sometimes I see little 6 year old girls in public and I'm not even sure if they're wearing pants. THAT'S when I think of the parents.

So, anyways, I only wear different shoes when my favorite ones get wet in the rain, or I have to go running. For running, it's only because I tend to run in the mud a lot.

So no, mom and dad, I will not stop wearing my red shoes, no matter how much you yell at me. I already have a bigger pair for when I grow out of these.

"Shoes are boring
Wear sneakers"
-Converse ad on my room wall
Alistair6798 Alistair6798
Jan 21, 2013